Current Projects

This page will likely be of little interest to most, but I have had questions from friends and family about the status of some of the projects I have in the works.  I plan to TRY to maintain this list of projects and setup a separate page for each of those that I am currently working.)

As many of my friends and family know, I have a very diverse list of hobbies and interests ranging from baking to knife making.  While I am certainly not a master of most of these, I do enjoy dabbling and learning.  For me, the “figuring stuff out” aspect is probably the most rewarding.

At a high level here is my list of current projects and interests:

  • Learning more Node.JS and working on the Alexa DirecTV project (
  • Making furniture inspired by Ana White ( using simple tools and techniques
  • Baking cookies and bread. I will probably begin to document some great links. First one is an amazing one that goes into the “tech” of baking bread. (
  • Knife making and hope to update this soon  (
  • Related to the knife making, I have begun the process of converting an old compressed air tank into a single-burner gas forge. I hope to do my own heat treating in the future.
  • Home Automation (See Alexa Skill above) “Working hard to be lazy!!” is what I tell people.
  • Virtual Pinball Machine (This is a big project and I have lots of photos and such that haven’t been post, outside of FB)
  • Planning for finishing a bathroom in the basement
  • Planning for custom built-ins in our family room
  • 3D printing
  • General electronics for home projects
  • General DIY including: woodworking, tiling, electic, basic plumbing, etc.
  • My newest interest is in starting the practice of yoga.  (

Anyway, that list is a bit longer than I had originally anticipated but a good reflection of the crazy going on at the house.

— GW